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Asian Feng Shui Art Home Decor

We are selling our entire business and products inventory of 20+ years as listed in the following websites which are also included in the sale. Also included are all the registered dealers and existing customers.


Samples of the inventories are listed on the websites, a final inventory will be made to complete the sale. Delivery will be made by me to the desired location within the United States by private truck, Delivery cost will be estimated as part of the sale and payable in cash.


I am looking for Real Estate only trades, primarily in florida but open to anywhere as long as there is also a residence on the property. If the property is more than the value I have to trade then I would like to have owner financing on the balance.

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Barter Amount: $200000.00 USD
Qty on Hand: 2000
Cash Amount:  $0.00 USD
Shipping Amount:  $0.00 USD
Condition:  New
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